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Greeting Message

By Emily Tischler
May 2, 2022

The greeting message is the first message that an audience can see when they come to your Messenger chatbot. Watch the video tutorial below 👇

How to Create a Greeting Message Video Tutorial

Take a look at the below image:


Edit Greeting Setting

Your Messenger chatbot’s greeting message will get displayed here (in the image) like a business description. Use this feature to turn your audience into subscribers and tell them about your business with a short description.

Learn the steps below to know how to set greeting messages in different languages.

Yes, you can set greeting messages in various languages based on your audience application language.

Step 1: To create a greeting message, navigate to the main left Menu > Settings


Step 2: From the top navigation Tab click on Channels.

Then click on the Facebook Messenger bot channel:


Step 3: Navigate to the Greeting section and click on Edit


Then, enter your greeting message on the given field and save the process. That’s it.

Greeting Message Languages

If you want to use multi-language greeting messages, select “+ Language” drop-down menu and choose the languages as per your requirement.


You can create “n” number of greetings in multiple languages which are supported by Facebook.

Hope this article helps you in creating your greeting message in nerDigital Chatbot Marketing.

If you have any other doubts or queries, visit other articles on the knowledge base or contact our support to get assistance.

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