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By Emily Tischler
May 3, 2022

Pipedrive is a sales CRM & pipeline management software with powerful automation and integration features. It will help businesses to close the deals and leverage their business further.

How to integrate Pipedrive with nerDigital Chatbot Marketing

Follow the steps to integrate this Pipedrive with nerDigital Chatbot Marketing platform.

Step 1: From the main navigation menu on the left go to Settings


Step 2: Choose the Integration tab and navigate to Pipedrive section

Step 3: Inside the Pipedrive section click on Connect


Step 4: enter your API key to Pipedrive and click on Continue to proceed further.


Step 5: Here is the link to help you find the API Key on Pipedrive:

Now your chatbot platform is connected with Pipedrive to drive leads and sales.

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