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How to Provide your Own Translations on Built-in Flows?

By Emily Tischler
May 1, 2022

Customize Bot Flow Language

The customization feature on the settings section will allow you to personalize the bot content and its default & eCommerce flows based on your need & language.

It will help you to build the Messenger bot and its content in any language (that Facebook supports). Go through this knowledge base article to know how you can do this for your bot.

First, you need to navigate through the Menu > Settings > Customizations and there you will find the “Translations field” on the top of the list.


Upload Translations

Now, you need to upload a .csv spreadsheet that contains all your translation for the bot content. nerDigital Chatbot Marketing is providing the default template spreadsheet where you can change the content with your required language and you can upload them again on our platform.


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